Go runners Go!

It's almost time for our two courageous teams of staff, parents, and friends to relay-run the Key Bank VT City Marathon to benefit our fantastic Food Bag project..... and we need YOUR HELP!

Do you love kids? Do you love food? Do you love it when families cook and eat healthy food together? Then you need to help us fund this project.
A $15 dollar donation will fill a a bag with healthy, delicious ingredients to make a meal to feed 6 people. A $25 donation lets us add fresh fruit and other staples.
BCS Preschooler enjoying a delicious,  healthy lunch in our food program

In addition, here are 10 great reasons to donate now, compiled by our fearless leader, Sarah Adams Kollitz...

1. BCS is worth every penny.
2. You’ll sleep soundly knowing your dollars are working hard to fill hungry BCS bellies.
3. 2014 donations fund the awesome take home food bag project. 
4. You can post the news of your impressive generosity on Facebook, Twitter, or via email, making you look great and inspiring other people to follow your lead.
5. Rumors are spreading that Erinn Simon and the team will make dinner for one lucky donor.
6. You can finally stop feeling guilty about not running a marathon leg or doing your own fundraising this year. 
7. You’ll earn the right to scream, “Hey, that’s my runner!!!” from the sidelines.
8. Team BCS is full of fantastic staff, parents, kids of staff, sisters of staff, and all-around nice people doing good things in our community. ( see the team at the link below)
9. Someone on the team is thinking about tattooing donor’s names on her arm.
10. It’s really, really easy. Click here and you’re almost done 

Donate here!!

Actual preschoolers lunch plate

Family style lunches at BCS

Donate now to provide kids with healthy meals.... like this one!

On behalf of all of us at BCS, Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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