It's a new (school) year!

And there's a lot going on! Fresh from the success of our American Flatbread benefit bake (we made just under $1000!) we were honored to learn from Hunger Free VT
(formerly the VT Campaign to End Childhood Hunger) that our lunch program was chosen to represent Chittenden County in their 14 Free VT campaign!

From their website:

According to the US Census, Vermont has some of the most severe hunger in the country. For many of us this is hard to believe as hunger is often hidden in Vermont. How do we solve a problem that many of us can’t see or even comprehend?

At Hunger Free Vermont we see our vision for ending hunger and malnutrition played out every day, in each of Vermont’s 14 counties. Schools, child care centers, summer programs, senior centers, and community based organizations are ending hunger by not only providing healthful meals, but also by teaching participants about healthy eating in a way that will inform their eating habits in the long-term. Hunger Free Vermont is a home base of support, education, and advocacy to help make these programs a reality.

The 14Free video project features 1 meal program in each of Vermont’s 14counties and brings you the real-life success stories that are ending hunger and malnutrition in Vermont. 14 counties. 14 stories. 14 solutions.

Wow, right?

Some fantastic folks from Hunger Free VT came out to BCS to see our program in action and make a video about us for 14Free. We are honored, to say the least. And so excited for the premiere of the BCS video at our November Thanksgiving Family Dinner! And as if that wasn't enough, they have asked me (your humble lunch lady) to record a radio ad for the campaign next week! I'll post again to let folks know when to keep your ears open for me on the airwaves - crazy! And of course, yay BCS!!

In other news, our first family dinner of the new school year was great! Amazing turnout, new faces, and we hosted some UVM medical students who are researching childhood activity levels. Everyone helped make macaroni and cheese and green salad, and we enjoyed fresh apples picked at Shelburne Orchards. A yummy Fall meal with our fantastic families!

We'd like to give a HUGE thank you to City Market for their continued support of BCS and our family dinners. Thanks to them we had gorgeous local greens and spinach for our salad, and Cabot cheese for our macaroni! We love our community!

And there's more!

So far this school year we are busy with baking projects, growing seeds in the kitchen, and composting with WORMS!! And eating lots of healthy, delicious lunches of course. Our favorite new menu item.... black bean soup!! Recipe to follow in my next post!

Take care!