It's the Giving Season

The holidays are here....

 Sarah posted this letter to the BCS blog last week about our holiday take-home bag project and I'm just going to repost it here, because she says it all so well:

This time of year we often find ourselves reflecting on our good fortune and the support of the community that has kept BCS alive and well for 29 years!  We are also reminded that this is a very hard time of year for families struggling to make ends meet.  For those 29 years we have operated on the belief that high quality ,  affordable child care can make a huge difference for a family.  Over the past few years we have also learned how much good nutrition can compliment the work we do at school and the impact BCS can have on the quality of life for our families.  We’re very proud of the ways food has become the glue that unites families,  strengthens children,  and enriches almost every aspect of our school culture.  We worry about the times when children are not with us.  

Winter break means many days without Erinn’s warm meals at a time when food budgets are competing with many other expenses.
Last year we decided  to make sure BCS families go home for the Holidays well fed.  Volunteers helped pack bags with beans,  cheese,  tortillas,  pasta and sauce,  eggs,  rice,  peanut butter,  fruit,  and vegetables along with a few recipes and menu suggestions.  Donations literally poured in from BCS families,  relatives,  and followers of Erinn’s blog.  At $25.00 each we were able to fill 15 bags. Miraculously we had requests for….. 15 BAGS!
Of course,  we’re doing it all again this year.  $25.00 is all it takes to fill a bag with wholesome ingredients like the ones we serve at BCS. Please consider making a donation to keep a family well fed and enjoying healthy food together.  Donations can be made in person,  by mailing a check to us at 241 North Winooski Avenue,  Burlington,  VT 05401 or using the “donate now” button on the BCS Blog page. 
Thank you!

If you'd like to make a donation, please visit the BCS Blog, mail us a check, or stop by BCS! Thank you so much for supporting our work keeping kids and families healthy. May we all be happy and well fed this season. Love to you, from all of us.