Homemade sauce for lunch...

...in my beat up (but trusty) old pot! Ravioli and my own recipe for pasta sauce with spinach and ground turkey. Green salad and some sliced pears on the side. Who's hungry?? Btvlunch!

Family Dinner Pizza Bake!

Last Wednesday we hosted a special March Family Dinner at BCS... Our toddler teachers organized a silent auction fundraiser with items up for bid from local businesses, and our own talented staff.
I made pizzas with the help of two terrific preschoolers, and everyone pitched in in one way or another to bring it all together. We had carrot dip from Caroline Homan's City Market recipe with crackers, we roasted broccoli, and veggie pizzas were the main dish. 85 people showed up to bid and the auction raised over $1400!!!
Thank you, thank you to Sheila, Kat, Sam, Becca Mack, Erica, Missa, Ashley, Jed, Sarah, and EVERYONE for the kitchen help!! And thanks to everyone who donated auction items. A true family effort. Go BCS!!