Frost on the pumpkins, stew for lunch...

Today we had Morrocan Stew, based on a City Market recipe taught to us by Caroline Homan. Sweet potatoes, zucchini, onion, garlic, chick peas and black beans stewed with crushed tomatoes, olive oil, cumin, turmeric, and cinnamon. Rice, roasted zucchini, and oranges to round it out and we've got ourselves lunch for a chilly day!

It's Farm to Preschool Day!!

October is Farm to School Month! The national organization is hoping to highlight all kinds of things happening across the country to connect kids, schools and locally grown food throughout the month. Today also just happens to be Farm to Preschool Day (!!!) so I wanted to share these great photos (by BCS Toddler Teacher Sheila P.) of BCS kids harvesting beautiful carrots from their plots at the Archibald Community Garden, just down the street from our center.

We are so lucky to be connected with Grow Team One, and the Friends of Burlington Gardens!

We celebrate our connection to our local farms just about every day, thanks to the Intervale Food Hub, and their amazing work to get gleaned organic produce into the hands of local kids through programs like ours.
A preschooler digs in to local, organic spinach and apples at lunch

Thank you Intervale farmers, and everyone involved with this awesome initiative!

Thank you Intervale!

We are so grateful to live so close to the Intervale, where we can access organic local produce and connect with the folks who grow our food. We are especially grateful for the gleaning program that BCS is a part of. Every Friday during the growing/harvest season the Intervale Food Hub (along with volunteers from Gardener's Supply Co. and others) packs up gleaned organic produce for programs like ours that feed hungry folks.

eat local!!
amazing fall weather

The red barn

the inside of the new storage barn

And we put it to good use!

Tonight is our fall family dinner, and we'll be having kale chips, roasted carrots and potatoes, and cilantro garnish for our curried squash soup all thanks to the Intervale!

soon to be roasted and delicious

kale, tomatoes, and basil