Thanksgiving Family Dinner

Yesterday we celebrated my favorite BCS tradition...Thanksgiving Family Dinner. This was our fifth year in a row, and the day has become a real part of the culture of our school. Sarah is the true mastermind and leader, (she will deny this but it's true).

Our fearless leader

She always arrives early and gets everything beautifully organized and half-prepped so that by the time I get there things are humming along smoothly.

We roast three enormous turkeys...

Parents and friends stop by throughout the day to chat or help a little, kids and teachers pop in and out of the kitchen..

Looking good

In the afternoon the real work starts, and the kitchen at the Senior Center fills up with volunteers...

Parents and friends whipping up mashed potatoes and homemade stuffing

BCS teachers hard at work prepping dinner

And before you know it we have fed 150 people!
We love our school, our community, and Thanksgiving. We are thankful for each other. And for you.

Happy Holidays from the Lunch Lady!

Kid bakers

Toddler teacher Kat and her classroom of kiddos made this incredible challah yesterday morning during an open house for families, then baked it in the kitchen after lunch today. So beautiful.

Things we ate last week...

It was a pretty good week of lunches, if I do say so myself. We had beautiful roasted brussels sprouts and butternut squash.

Kale salad with the curly green, white and purple kale we got from Black River Produce...

and we tried wild rice made with veggie stock. With a little butter and special seasoning, it was  a hit!

pulled chicken, wild rice, and kale salad

actual preschooler's lunch plate

The Zen of Mashed Potatoes

I was walking to work yesterday thinking "I can't wait to get started on those potatoes." There's nothing like a big prep job to slow everything down, and bring things back together after a crazy morning. Thanks, mashed potatoes, for requiring so much work to get to your delicious, comforting result.

Lunch was turkey quinoa meatloaf, mashed potatoes, ginger red cabbage slaw, and rolls.