New year, new soup

"Vegetable" soup and ham sandwiches were on the menu today, but I didn't really have a plan.  I knew I would start off the soup the way I always have since my training session last winter with Abbey Duke of Sugarsnap  - with mirepoix (fancy chef speak for a mix of aromatic veggies, in this case finely chopped carrots, celery, and onion). But that was as far as I'd thought out lunch. I checked the fridge. Leftover green beans, kale, and chick peas. The freezer held some sweet corn. Chicken stock. Hmmmm.
Basically it all went into the pot. And something warm and lovely for lunch on a frigid day came out.
trying a little of everything

serving soup, practicing skills

actual preschooler's lunch plate
eating together, warming up

Welcome 2014!

Delicious lunches this week as we settle into the winter groove st BCS. Sesame noodles, spiced roasted chick peas, red peppers and oranges.