This is gonna be a BIG week!

Things are looking amazing in the BCS kitchen. Sarah, Jed and I have been working over the last year with some wonderful parent volunteers and grant providers to get the kitchen in tip top shape.
 Abbey Duke of Sugarsnap (and BCS parent) donated this fantastic chest freezer, as well as tons of consulting time to help us wrap our heads around new kitchen equipment, systems, recipes, and more and BOY are we grateful. Thank you Abbey!!   Also thanks to  Jed, BCS parents Sue and Erin, Erin's dad, and everyone who helped in any way to get the freezer into our space. We love you, and can't wait to have you visit for lunch!
It's got a convection setting! And THREE racks!!
 Our beautiful new stove and Kitchen Aid cook pots were purchased with grant money from the Children's Trust Fund and an energy efficiency grant. I was so absorbed with their loveliness at first I was reluctant to cook with them. On their first day in the kitchen Sarah came by to chat and noticed I was using my old beat up cookware on the new stove, the shiny new pots sitting in wait on the shelves. She looked puzzled though she didn't make a big deal out of it. But I had to confess. "I felt terrible leaving them over there, like I was betraying them!" I wailed. I think the new stove AND new pots were just too much change all at once for me. Over the weekend I came in, washed and organized all the new stuff, and moved the old ones to their new home. Then I felt better, and ready to embrace the kitchen upgrade in its entirety!
Aren't they beautiful?
 We are so excited about the possibilities the new kitchen holds as we move forward this week with our Supper Project! This week we will send home our first dinner bags with staples like pasta, sauce, spices, beans, carrots, tortillas, eggs and some fresh fruit. Each bag will include ideas and easy, fast recipes for getting the most out of the ingredients. We're also including a survey to find out exactly what folks like and don't like in each bag so we can really refine what we include, to make sure everyone is getting the maximum benefit.

Our next step is including a "main dish" for four each week along with the  staples - soup, stew, lasagna, mac and cheese - that just needs to be warmed and served.  We can't wait to get started!

Also this week - the annual BCS Big Picture meeting!  Sarah, Jed, the Board of Directors, staff and families gather for food and a lively session to plan for the vibrant future of our beloved school. It's one of my favorite things about BCS. Sarah and I plan to talk about the Supper Project and show off the first take home bags, and I can't wait to get the community together and hear everyone's brilliant ideas for the next year (or 5, or 10). I think I'm going to make butternut squash soup and cheddar leek biscuits for dinner. And I'll be sure to report back with a recap!

So, wishing you a wonderful week full of good food, and great ideas!