School Break Take-home Bags!

Thanks so much to everyone who helped us pack and distribute 10 take-home bags of food last Friday! BCS is the best. This time around we included rice, oatmeal, carrots, green beans, apples, bread, peanut butter, beans, eggs, cheese, and some spices. 

Look who came for lunch today!

We have been lucky lately to have so many guests for lunch! Today we welcomed Emma's mom and dad for vegetable soup, cheese, apples and bread. So glad they came!

Get a bag, Fill a bag!

Hi there!

If you're a regular lunch lady reader, you know all about our Growing Food initiative and our 
continuing efforts to raise money to improve our food program. And you probably remember our mini 
campaign before the holiday break to fill 15 bags with breakfast and lunch ingredients and recipes to send home with families to help out with meals during the week BCS was closed. It was a huge success, our families really appreciated the help, so we are excited to announce the next step, Sarah's latest great idea for Growing Food.. Get a bag, Fill a bag! From the "Get Involved" page on the BCS website:

Here’s your chance to improve childhood nutrition and get yourself a great bag, all at the same time.
If you make a donation of $25.00 or more to BCS (using the donate now button at the bottom of this page) we will send you an I Love Lunch bag and fill a bag with nutritious food for a family to take home over our next school break. Take home bags help low income families stay well fed when BCS is not open to provide breakfast, lunch and snack each day. They contain great ingredients like beans, tortillas, oatmeal, cheese, eggs, fresh fruit and vegetables, cereal, pasta, sauce, and
peanut butter along with ideas and recipes from Chef Erinn.
You can also drop by BCS to make a donation if you would like to use cash or a check.

So to recap... you donate $25 to BCS either here or by mail or in person with cash or a check, and not only do you fill a take home bag for a family you get an I Love Lunch bag. To keep! I would love it if you'd donate, then spread the word, then come by and visit us for lunch!  


Dinner for The Big Picture Meeting

We had our second annual Big Picture meeting last night to share ideas for the coming year and beyond at BCS. About 30 parents, staff, and administrators got together, ate chili and cornbread, and brainstormed. Thanks to everyone who came out on a cold cold night!