Long time no see!

Well, howdy!
 I've been away a long time, but working on lots of great stuff at BCS.
And now I'm back to fill you in!

We're still making great lunches every day for our kiddos, looking forward to lots of Actual Preschooler's Lunch Plates popping up here and on the facebook page. Here's lunch from the other day: whole wheat pasta with garlic and olive oil, salad with local veggies including carrots from the preschooler's neighborhood garden plot, homemade dressing, cheddar cheese and fruit. Lovely.

carrots grown by preschoolers

We had a great summer full of local produce from the Intervale Gleaning program. Every Monday I drove my van down the hill to the farm and came back loaded with veggies and fruit for our lunches and snacks, and even more to share with families.

Family dinners continue to bring us together.

We are still hosting dinners every other month, generously sponsored by City Market. Last week we had about 65 people for butternut squash soup - made with Intervale veggies - buttermilk biscuits, greens and Cabot cheese. It was a glorious Vermont fall evening and we ate outside.

My monkey peeler and I can handle a mountain of butternut squash, no problem.

little hands help with biscuit prep

serious business

everything looks beautiful in October afternoon light

food going fast

gorgeous salad prepared by BCS parents

Eating together
We are currently developing a model for monthly cooking classes that works for working parents. We've held two so far, offering a little extended care at the end of the day for anyone who wanted to stay and cook with us. We got some folks together and made salsa with the bounty of tomatoes and summer veggies back in July, and in September we made applesauce, apple crisp, and a kale/cheddar/apple casserole. We cooked the recipes together and sent everyone home with lots of prepared food and ingredients. We had fun and made some great connections at both classes, but we want to involve as many people as possible! So we're brainstorming ideas to make it easy for anyone to attend without adding new commitments to already busy schedules. I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, enjoy the autumn light and the last of the harvest!