Child Nutrition Program Summer Institute

Sarah and I had the best time leading a workshop on Nutrition, Healthy Eating Relationships and Menu Planning at the St. Johnsbury Academy yesterday! 12 ladies from around the state participated and made 14 great lunch and snack dishes from scratch. They were incredible! Everything came out perfect and everyone left with a lot of ideas. Sorry the pics are a little blurry, things were moving fast in that kitchen!

It was so inspiring  to connect and cook with folks from near and far who are passionate about making super healthy food for kids in schools and programs.

Food, and shared meals, are such a powerful way to show love, care for folks, and work on all kinds of big ideas. A quote from Sarah's letter to the editor set the tone of the workshop and nicely summed up our philosophy at BCS...

For our program, food is one of the languages with which children are welcomed to school in the morning and sent home satisfied at the end of the day. It has helped us create an atmosphere of abundance, respect and generosity.

Thanks so much to everyone who cooked with us, and thank you for the work you do for kids everyday!

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