Why Kids Should Cook

The new school year is in full swing, and the classrooms are busy with lots of kitchen projects. I have been joined for some portion of almost every morning by groups of kids with a teacher or two sorting, measuring, mixing, talking, and cooking up snacks for themselves and their friends. So far they've made pancakes, muffins, applesauce, apple cake, and play dough. It's been incredible to witness, as groups of up to five patiently wait for their turn with the spoon, offer predictions for what ingredients come next, or how long they'll need to bake a dish, and generally relax into the kitchen.
So it was great timing when our director Sarah shared this article with me yesterday. It 's a wonderful articulation of exactly what our teachers believe and strive for, not just in the kitchen, but in their classroom philosophy as well.


Take a minute to look around the site, Culinate, as well. Great recipes and ideas.
I think I'll try adapting the corn chowder, without the smoked fish, for the kids this fall.

My husband is planning a visit next week to document some of these projects, and our new preschoolers and toddlers enjoying lunch, so look for new photos soon.

New recipe for lunch today! Ginger chicken and sesame noodles! If it's a hit I'll post the recipe this weekend.
Happy Harvest!

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